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Objectif végétal : une dynamique partenariale

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Strategic and operational governance

To implement the roadmap, different governance bodies have been set up at strategic and operational level.

Governance scheme

Objectif Vegetal governance scheme
Objectif Vegetal governance scheme

Steering committee(CoPil)

It has been set up to guide the programme's strategy, determine priorities and allocate the resources. It meets at least annually and is composed of the following partners:

  • the University of Angers (programme leader)
  • Agrocampus Ouest
  • ESA
  • Inrae
  • the University of Nantes
  • business representatives
  • Maine-et-Loire Departmental Council
  • Angers Loire Métropole
  • Pays de la Loire Region

Detailed list of members of the Steering committee, operational and sectoral commitees is available here.

Scientific advisory board

The steering committee is supported by a scientific advisory board composed of 4 external experts, responsible for providing input on the strategy to be implemented in terms of research, training, innovation and at the international level. The committee met twice since the start of the programme, on June 7th 2016 and June 1st 2018.

Experts of the scientific advisory board:

 Expert COS alain BOUCHEREAU
Expert COS

AIain BOUCHEREAU, Professor of Plant Biology and Physiology - University of Rennes 1, Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences - UMR 118 INRA - Agrocampus Rennes - University of Rennes



Expert COS Thierry HEULIN
Expert COS


Thierry HEULIN, Director of Research CNRS - Director of the Institute of Environmental Biology and Biotechnology DSV/CEA Cadarache



Expert COS


Jordi GARCIA-MAS , IRTA Researcher - Head of the Plant Genetics Department -Centre for research in agricultural genomics (CRAG), Barcelona (Spain)



Expert COS

Johan Van HUYLENBROECK, Scientific Director of the“Applied genetics and breeding" unit - Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO), Melle (Belgium)