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Objectif végétal : une dynamique partenariale

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Increase the attractiveness of the Education Centre

The supply of training in plant science is already rich and complete, with the greatest concentration of students on the national territory, but with an international opening to develop, coordination to be strengthened in terms of supply strategy, readability of the training offer, response to industrial needs. The aim of "Objectif Végétal" is to: :

  • Reinforce communication on the training offer 
    • Promote the training courses, make pupils and students interested in trades related to plants
  • Develop internationalization
    • Open up Master and PhD trainings at international level,
    • Encourage students and teachers mobility,
    • Organize a summer school
  • Strengthen the links between Education and the socio-economic world
    • Make people aware of the work-linked training programmes,
    • Increase the forward-looking reflection on the jobs of the future,
    • Expand the professional training offer
  • Put innovation at the core of Education
    • Develop transdisciplinary training modules,
    • Develop innovation in teaching methods

Main results expected by 2020:

  • A training map at the regional level
  • New international partnerships and communication tools in English,
  • An increase in the number of students and in the proportion of foreign students
  • New offers of professional training meeting the changing needs of private companies
  • New modules of initial training: transdisciplinary modules, English language, use of ICTEs (Information and Communication Technologies for Education)

First results:

  • A digital portal for trades and training programmes in the plant sector (available only in French at the time)
  • 100% of the training courses of the RFI programme's partners are open to apprenticeship

  • 2 training courses taught in English: semester 2 of the professional Bachelor's degree in Agronomy "Experimental selection" course at ESA, "Seeds and Plants" course of the Master 2 Plant Biology degree run by Agrocampus Ouest (Master's degree co-accredited with the Universities of Angers and Nantes) shared with the Agrocampus Ouest engineering course

  • Ongoing evaluation of the needs for short professional training courses
  • 5 editions of the Summer School Plant Health and Quality with a total of 70 students trained from all over the world. Winner of the "France Excellence Summer School" call for projects from the French Embassy in China since 2017.