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Objectif végétal : une dynamique partenariale

Separated by coma

Collaborate with research

Examples of topics for collaboration

  • Develop the molecular test for the screening of PRIs (qPFD® )for n ew cop species.
  • Optimize the use of PRIs under production conditions
  • Evaluate "sensitinesMD ” on new pathosystéms; test their synergy with PRIs
  • Formulate "sensitinesMD ” for seed encapsulation
  • Develop scrrening methods for biocontrol products on seeds (antagonistic fungi...)
  • Identify active molecules in an extract of natural origin
  • Choose the species/varieties to be associated and the way to associate them accordins too the objectives


SUCCESS STORY- Choose the right legume varieties!


Training for professionnals

  • Biocontrol of microbial and metabolic origin: Use of microorganisms and defense stimulators for plant protection.
  • Tailor-made training courses on request

Contacts :

  • thomas.heitz @
  • sonia.boucheron @


Device for determining or studying the state ofstimulation of the natural defenses of plants or plantparts.


claire.lemontey @



Inhibiting agents of the adaptive response of fungi for the protection of plants against fungalinfections.


herve.le-deit @

Services (in Région Pays de la Loire)

  • Test the effectiveness of a PRIs using the qPFD® molecular tool on apple, vine, tomato, potato, wheat


innovation @


  • Assess the biocidal effect of a product by nephelometryand spectrophotometry


innovation @



  • Practical value testing of SDPs on apple orchards (dedicated plots to UEH)




  • Identify a seed bio-aggressor and evaluate biocontrolsolutions



  • Design optimal mixtures of species or varieties a plot, farm or production basin scale


natalia.sapoukhina @



  • Assess the antagonistic power of fungus against a phytopathogenicfungus



joel.lechappe @



  • Know the aggressiveness of a microorganism, Assess the impact of a bio-aggressor on germination and emergence

phenotic @



  • Obtain strains of bacteria (phytopathogenicor not)



cfbp @


  • Getting Insects/Aphids

Bioinsecte @
biopuceron @





Looking for partners?

Two contacts to support your projects:

  • Emeline Defossez,

contact to support your R&D projects and put you in touch






  • Tanegmart Redjala

Close interface with the laboratoires of the Federative Research Structure "Quasav"

 tanegmart.redjala@univ-angers.f (tanegmart.redjala @