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Objectif végétal : une dynamique partenariale

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Which methods to understand and assess seed quality?

De la gaine à la jeune pousse, qualité semences, comprendre, évaluer
De la gaine à la jeune pousse


Vincent Béguier
R&D Director



 « The French seed industry is recognized for the quality of its production. This key factor for non-cost competitiveness drove it to a major place in this industry in the world, as are the expertise of French seed growers and the quality of production areas. To be able to advance this quality but also to be able to measure it is therefore a crucial stake for the future of our seed sector.

The development within the competitiveness cluster Végépolys of research and resources dedicated to this research is therefore an investment that will have to bear fruit to enable the French seed industry to hold its rank and develop.

For my part, I hope that the discoveries resulting from seed phenotyping can both offer seeds that are even more effective for farmers, develop seed technologies that offer new agronomic opportunities, and contribute to the establishment of International standards allowing our seeds to conquer new markets. »


Seed high throughput phenotyping in Angers

High-throughput phenotyping of seeds is essential to quickly measure the quality of large quantities of seeds in a very short time, which is impossible to do manually and with the naked eye. High-throughput seed phenotyping has many interests: 

  •  Identify physiological traits of interest for seed selection,
  • Selecting varieties adapted to penalizing environmental conditions,
  • Look for appropriate technical itineraries,
  • Establish varietal selection strategies.


  • High throughput phenotyping
  • Seed vigor
  • Seed Conservation
  • Biotic and abiotic stress
  • X-ray tomography
  • Multispectral analysis
  • Spectrophotométry
  • QTL and loci

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