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Objectif végétal : une dynamique partenariale

Separated by coma

Collaborate with research

Examples of topics for collaboration

  • Diagnose and propose construction solustions for fertiles urban soil.
  • Evaluate the bio-physiochemical quality of urban soils (in place or built) to to provide better uses.
  • Improve irrigation management in a constrained context.
  • Characterize plant transpiration in urban climatic conditions according to the uses to define the services provided.
  • Develop cropping routes to precondition the plant to urban constraints.
  • Understand the barriers to the purchase of plants by urban youth (generation Y) and identify levers for action for distributors.

Training for professionals

  • Adaptation of plants to soil and climate in urban areas
  • Better integrate the tree into the urban planning projects
  • The city and the urban ecosystems
  • The ecosystem services of plants in the urban area
  • Innovations and plant management in the city


Also remember to recruit alternating students
(professionalisation contract or apprenticeship contract).


Gilles Galopin

Laure Beaudet
laure.beaudet @

Prestations de services

  • Diagnosis of quality of urban soils,
  • Diagnosis of quality of urban soils,



  • Integrate sensory methods, better understand and improve the perceived quality of your products


  • Therapeutic gardens design
  • Contribution to responding to calls for tender from local authorities



  • Expertise to ensure that your plant innovations meet consumer expectations