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Objectif végétal : une dynamique partenariale

Separated by coma

Reasearch projects

ANR project Reguleg (2015–2018) : Identification of key regulators of legume seed adaptation to environmental fluctuations.

RFI project Regulong(2015-2018) : Identification of key regulators of seed longevity.

RFI project NPFun (2016-2019) : Involvement of nitrate transporter AtNPF6,3 in seedling resistance to biotic stress.


Numerous projects in collaboration with:

  • seed producers (confidential partners)
  • input providers (confidential partners)


PhD theses

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Looking for partners?

Two contacts to support your projects:


  • Aurore Gautier,

contact to support your R&D projects land to put you through

aurore.gauthier @


  • Tanegmart Redjala,

close interface with the laboratories of the Research Federative Structure Quasav.

tanegmart.redjala @