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Objectif végétal : une dynamique partenariale

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Recent or current projects

  • LabCom ESTIM   (ANR project 2015-2018): common laboratory between IRHS (Research Institute in Horticulture and Seeds) and AREXHOR Pays de la Loire company (station for experimentation and R&D), aiming at developing in Angers un know-how dedicated to the assessment of stimulators for plant vitality (elicitors and biostimulators) on commercial interest plant species. Expected deliveries for the professionals:
  • Various decision-making tools (molecular patterns, immuno-detection, imaging…) to screen PRIs and biostimulators according to their mode of action,
  • Additives (called « sensitines ») that foster PRIs’ effect by inhibiting the adaptative response of the pathogenic agents to the plant defences.

  • *PEPS (CASDAR project 2014-2018): Evaluation et and optimisation de SDP of PRIs in strategies for plant protection in apple orchards.


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