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Objectif végétal : une dynamique partenariale

Separated by coma

Research results

3D architecture data and morphometric data predict the visual characteristics of rose bushes (virtual rose bushes or real rose bushes filmed in rotation) assessed by a trained panel.


Gilles Galopin,


Team Arch-E, IRHS

gilles.galopin @



Metabolites QTL (mQTL) associated to organoleptic and nutritional qualities of carrot are being identified.


Valérie Le clerc,


Team QuarVeg, IRHS @




The color of apple skin and cider can modify the perception of flavour and aroma.

Each chemical compound of cider (sugar, acid, alcohol, aroma and especially procyanidins) highly influences the tasting characteristics through numerous chemical and cognitive interactions.

Tasting performances are correlated to the dependence level of the consumer, regardless of the age if the elderly individuals.

Establishment of a new method for sensory characterization called « mixed profile » that combines the advantages of conventional and free profiles.

Development of a method for a better consideration of the variability of products and tasters during sensory analysis.


Ronan Symoneaux,

Laboratory GRAPPE, ESA





These investigations are done thanks to the shared

equipements of SFR QUASAV  :


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Four contacts to help you build your projects and support them:


  • Céline Brasse,

in charge of Cellule Etudes of GRAPPE research unit.


  • Olivier Dubois,

mission head Development Companies and Territories.


  • Ronan Symoneaux,

research engineer Sensory analysis.


  • Tanegmart Redjala,

close interface with the laboratories of the Research Federative Structure Quasav.

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