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Objectif végétal : une dynamique partenariale

Separated by coma

Sensory analysis, a tool to assess product quality

Evaluation of a product quality is SUBJECTIVE.

Numerous biases may modify consumers’ perceptions (adaptation, tiredness, interactions between testers…)



Sensory analysis is a science based on a set of methods measuring sensory perceptions.


It enables to assess:




motivations, behavior

« Descriptives » trials performed by trained panels

Hedonic trials  
performed by consumers without any training

« Qualitative » trials performed by consumers without any training


Understanding consumers’ liking to support innovation

Sensory analysis links: 

  • the results from expert panels ( = sensory descriptions)
  • the results from consumer test ( = sensory preferences)

To map sensory preferences of consumers on the basis of  objective criteria and help professionals to:

  • breed  plants that meet consumers’ expectations
  • segment their products
  • improve their marketing communication


Sensotype the products to accelerate plante breeding and segmentation

Sensory analysis is a transversal science that enables numerous research teams of SFR Quasav to work towards creation of plant products that meet producers and consumers expectations: new varieties of apples, pears, roses, new cultural practices to improve aesthetic quality of ornamental plants, new process to improve the organoleptic qualities  of wine or cider… The researchers of GRAPPE  laboratory (ESA, unit under contract with INRA) and of some teams of IRHS have been producing knowledge, methods and tools dedicated to the professionals of the plant sector in order to better understand the consumers’ expectations and integrate them in the innovation process.

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Looking for partnership?

Four contacts to help you build your projects and support them:


  • Céline Brasse,

in charge of Cellule Etudes of GRAPPE research unit.


  • Olivier Dubois,

mission head Development Companies and Territories.


  • Ronan Symoneaux,

research engineer Sensory analysis.


  • Tanegmart Redjala,

close interface with the laboratories of the Research Federative Structure Quasav.

tanegmart.redjala @